About Us

We are a full-diesel repair shop located in the Quad Cities (IL/IA). We are minutes away from I280, I80, and I74. Owned and operated by diesel mechanics and CDL holders, we truly understand the cost of breakdowns and the importance of preventative maintenance. We recognize our industry has had a history of dishonest craftsmanship and we are here to change that opinion one customer at a time. At EVS Mobile Repair, LLC we provide HONEST diagnostics, offer a FAIR price, and provide RELIABLE work that is done the first time. We are trusted by not only by large fleet companies, but also small farmers and independent owner operators. We treat each customer like family. 


Our Story


Our operations began during an unconventional time in 2020 when the world was stressed to reassess morals and small businesses were pressured. After tirelessly working for companies that are owned and operated by persons who never drove or worked on a piece of equipment, "Big Joe" decided to shake up our local service area with new ideas. 

Together with his family, "Big Joe" opened up shop located at 3401 85th Ave W  Rock Island, IL in the Spring of 2021. "Big Joe" knew what his customers deserved in which he surrounded himself with knowledgable and talented individuals. Surrounding himself with talent allows "Big Joe" and his family to offer quality services at a reasonable price. Owners crawling under trucks, EVS is able to cut some of the biggest salaries out of the equation and provide customers with quality work for fair prices. 

We also recognize that the industry has a standard to provide parts through their own suppliers. Why? They can charge you more. That's why EVS allows its customers to supply their own parts. Yet another way we can reduce your repair bill. Some of our customers choose to have us supply parts, that's okay too! We do not charge the standard 45% mark-up on parts (yes, you read that correctly!) 

Our plan is specifically designed around the customer, which is crucial especially during challenging times. 


Owners: Joe Vale and Davie Elliott

Operations Manager: Steve Pruett

Shop Manager: Matt Harp

Shop Foreman: Todd Mowery

Administrative Assistant: Wendy F.

Additional team members: Ethan, Dave, and Annie


Mission Statement: EVS Mobile Repair, LLC commits to quality and economic repairs servicing the trucking, farming, and construction industries while promoting honesty and integrity in their work and in communities served.

Value Statement: EVS Mobile Repair, LLC operates with the following values at its core:



Team Work

Community Oriented



We have over a century of combined experience. Some might call us old, we call ourselves knowledgable. Besides, you're as old as you feel, or act right? :)